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At Juniper Networks, we rely on channel partners to bring our solutions to market. Agoreo Content Reach™ Speeds Juniper Networks Communications to Enable Partner Readiness ... Cost savings are significant but the time savings are priceless.

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Amazingly powerful. Yet Simple! Streamline your authoring and editorial workflow, personalize your messaging, version your content, localize and co-brand your newsletters and social media channels. Create content once and use it through different media to reach your audience.

Simplicity and ease of use

Content Reach™ is a fully integrated solution with a friendly and intuitive interface that will help you streamline your editorial workflow. From Content creation to publishing, all your production steps are simplified to allow your team to collaborate and deliver the right content, to the right audience at the right time. Versioning and repurposing of newsletter editions is literally a matter of a "Click". Edit and rearrange your content by using "drag and drop" like actions.

Reduce your dependency on external agencies and create graphics and banners on-the-fly by using our built in tools while ensuring that your corporate branding guidelines are respected.

Multi channel Reach

If you are communicating through both newsletters and corporate social media accounts, we know how time consuming it is to go back and forth between different systems.

Content Reach™ is seamlessly integrated with your favorite Social Media platforms. That way, we make your life easier and we let you manage your communication initiatives from one place.

Now, the choice is yours, push content to either a newsletter medium or a social media account or both at the same time, because you do not need to re-submit content for each one of them separately.

With our multi channel integration you can see the whole picture when it comes to reporting. No more gaps or disconnects when it comes to evaluating your communication campaign: Manage it and evaluate it all in one place.

Hear what your Partners are telling you

Do you feel like you are throwing content over the fence and you don't know what happens to it? With Content Reach™, the fact that we track each content individually, allows us to report on its usage across multiple newsletter editions, or corporate social media accounts even if it has been translated for your international partners. Your audience interest will tell you what your partners want from you and will help you refine and fine tune your messaging. Our Metrics engine is powerful and flexible so let us explore together what intelligence you are looking for.

You can also directly give your partners a voice and turn on our built in comments, rating and feedback modules or even ask them specific questions and poll them on subject that matter to your business. Content Reach™ offers you different ways to hear and listen to the "Voice of your Partners".

Don't let time and budget limit your communication strategy

Don't be forced to make choices and limit your communication strategy because of budget or time. Content Reach™ is a cost and time efficient solution that reduces your dependency on external agencies and/or HTML developers. You will be creating newsletters when needed and segmenting your audience to provide more specific and personalized content at a fraction of your traditional cost. Beyond cost, give time back to your team and let them focus on what they do best: Empower your channel partners with information and knowledge to successfully market your products and services.

Out of the box it works great. Do you need it tailored to your needs?

No problem, our experts are ready to assist. Contact us today


No Coding needed

Built in dynamic custom templates that follow your corporate branding guidelines. Use our provided WYSIWYG editor or copy and paste from your favorite word processor, upload, resize and crop images, embed videos, attach flyers and documents and so much more…

Voice of the Partner

Engage your audience with widgets to capture their feedback, comments and content rating. Ask them direct questions through polls and gather their opinion in meaningful reports.

Multi Channel

Seamless integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to easily manage both your traditional newsletters and social media communication channels from one single platform.

Responsive Design

We will make sure that your content is optimized for viewing no matter what device your audience uses. More and more people access their email on the go using a smartphone or a tablet, we will make sure that your content is viewed as intended in a comfortable way no matter the device.

Custom Workflow

Streamline your workflows to manage your communication efforts more efficiently. Content Reach™ is built to scale as your team grows—helping you organize your organization by team, region, and department in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Availability & Security

At Agoreo we are committed to your data security. Built on a cloud infrastructure with redundancy and availability in mind. We use the highest data encryption and server architecture adopted by banking and financial services. We securely integrate with Enterprise SSO and meet and exceed INFOSEC certifications of our most demanding clients.

Integrated Analytics

Measure and analyze the effectiveness of your channel outreach and campaigns and share results with simple self-explanatory reports. Get insights on topics that matter to your different audiences.

Collaboration Tools

Built in chat capability allowing team members to discuss content and editorial topics. Discussions are used to reduce and limit offline meetings and to keep a log for accountability.

About Us We are a privately held, California-based company. Since 2008, we have helped organizations of all sizes to significantly reduce the time and expense involved in building, managing and deploying Channel communication solutions. Beyond being a technology company, we see ourselves as your other Channel Partner, we strive to make you successful when it comes to your channel business because we know the importance of communicating regularly and efficiently with your network of Partners. As your extended sales arm, your partners need to be constantly informed and educated about your product and your sales campaigns and initiatives. After spending more than 15 years working with channel based businesses our CEO and founder Driss Rhoulami saw the opportunity to create a better approach to solving issues and problems that were affecting and hampering companies need to communicate with their teams, Partners and clients. Years of experience with a thorough understanding of these pain points made us at Agoreo the right Partner to assist your business with your communication needs.
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